1 of 10 Takeaways from BDX Summit

1 of 10 Takeaways from BDX Summit

Tools to get the best data points.

DCX 2017 delivered on its billing – Transforming the Digital Customer Experience for home builders.  This future-thinking conference explored the impact of technology on homebuilding — everything from self-driving cars in a future shared-economy (garages would not be needed, just carports for pickup and drop off) to 3D printed homes with appealing architecture and functional space.

But the main gist of the summit was shaping your future marketing and sales thru trends, creative ideas and data.

What are you doing differently, or going to do differently in the future?

Transformation Starts Now! Here is the 1st takeaway that should figure largely in your future transformation:

One:  Know Thy Ideal Customer Better

The online clothing retailer Stitch Fix collects 50 data points about each customer (explore www.stitchfix.com and see how they do it)  How many do you collect?  Which factors are most important in the purchasing of your homes?  For instance, in a 55+ building, knowing if the buyers have children or close friends within proximity to the community is a must-have data point.

This week, considering one of your communities: 

  • Brainstorm: What are the factors that would be helpful to know?
  • Determine: Is the information readily available on the internet or it does it have to be asked of the customer?
  • Change: Devise appropriate ways to collect, store and use the data in follow-up communications and test, test, test. 

And for new technology to capture data on driving thru prospects give us a call! We collect many more data points than a registration card.