#2 Takeaway from BDX Summit

#2 Takeaway from BDX Summit

Sorry we missed you when trying to deliver or pick up your package!

Welcome to the Age of ReThink

Ever arrive home after a long day to see a yellow UPS slip stuck to your front door? Is your reaction “Awesome! I’m getting a package.” Or is it a total annoyance or even rage: “Why don’t they automatically try later?” “Why not deliver when most people are home from work?”

UPS’s delivery system is product-centric and tremendously disappointing to customers because it doesn’t value us — our time, our schedules, our needs.

Do homebuyers think the same of homebuilders?

The reality is, today’s homebuyers demand that the world wraps around them and bends to their wishes and desires. How do you delight a homebuyer in this “World of I”?

Unpack the whole customer journey and brainstorm on the following:

  • How can builders value the prospects’ need for information and make the purchase process clearer, easier and more streamlined?
  • How can builders better respect buyers’ schedules since they define time as the new money/currency? How do we ask them to spend less (time) and get more? How do we keep sales centers, models, and specs secure yet accessible before and after regular work hours?
  • How do we do we translate the buyers’ needs into the home of their dreams without them feeling compromised and disappointed in the process? They do not want endless choice (searching through thousands of flights options to Boston) they want resource tools that streamline the choices (provide packages of items/factors that work well together—i.e. Times of flights to Boston, # of stops, associated costs, airline) And they want to do it independently, onscreen, immediately.

This may seem like a daunting task, but implementing any transformative steps in the right direction will deliver a more satisfying customer-centric experience.

One step is to lean on technology to help you – Call NterNow for our sun-up to sundown 365 access service. You’ll make 20+% more prospects happy as they are able to tour your locked spec or model homes before or after sales center/model hours– on their timetable and at their pace. You receive 8+ data points about the customer for an informed follow-up, too.

Many thanks to James Lanton of T3 for these challenging concepts!