Are Your Homes Invisible?

Are Your Homes Invisible?

Home Shopper Wanted More

This morning our receptionist received a call from a new home shopper asking why the subdivision she was visiting was not found on the NterNow App map.  With the wonders of the NterNow app’s map, they had visited all the properties in their price range, in their desired location, and wanted MORE!  She asked if there was a better map!

Builders without NterNow –

Not Sorry, but you are invisible to the drive-buyers who desire on-demand, independent touring.  Your marketing, signage and our technology is driving these buyers to your communities. However, only a small portion of buyers are connecting on the internet or visiting your sales center.  Our innovative service captures more leads than the traditional internet-to-sales-center customer journey.  A recent use case showed that while the traditional journey netted 32 agent and buyer-appointment leads in 3 months, NterNow gathered 98 unique leads (>3x).


Builders Featuring NterNow Get More –

Next month we will be launching a very exciting add-on service called NterMore.  After a visitor gains access to a home by calling our Verification Center or the mobile app, they will receive an automatic text of the three next closest NterNow properties your company has for sale.  This creates a Parade of Homes of just your properties!  

The more homes your company has on NterNow, the more consideration your drive-buyers will give to buying from you!

To explore more about NterNow’s secure access and lead collection system,  contact Laura at for details or get info about online demo here.