Barrett Davis

Founder, CEO

Carey Kelly

Director of Operations

Laura Yund

Customer Success & Strategic Partnerships

Mickey Heinze

Call Center Manager

Lynne Parker Davis

Founder, Chief Evangelist

Advisory Group

Tim Costello

Tim Costello is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of BDX, Inc., and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Builder Homesite, Inc., and New Home Technologies, LLC. A consummate technologist, Tim has guided his company to gather and promote the latest technology that makes new home selling easier. While leading the digital transformation in the Builder world, Tim has lent his vision and advice to NterNow in this fast-changing environment of new home onsite sales.

John Hanger

Authentic business leader and investor for early-stage software companies. Specialties: Go-to-market strategy, new company/product launches, raising capital, marketing, sales, business development, M&A.


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