Doom and Gloom News?

Doom and Gloom News?

Visitors meet with an agent.

Reading NAHB’s Housing Headlines make you want to cry? Is it a trend or a cycle? Should we build aggressively or tentatively? What should we do about pricing?

As an industry, we’ve been thru lots of corrections, if that’s what this is. As people, we can easily talk ourselves into fearful positions– like after 911 (“I’ll never fly again”) or during the Dot-Com Bomb (“I’m putting my savings under my mattress”), but what about now?

During correction times, we all face a choice: To boldly go forward, maybe even strike gold with more aggressive approaches? Or strike out and head to the sidelines?   In a small correction like this, bold builders lead-off with MORE marketing, focusing on collecting and closing all the prospects they can. They look for ways to field their unfair share of leads by updating tired old processes and trying fresh, innovative approaches. Consider in today’s time of correction:

Old Approach: Forcing people to talk with a salesperson

Consider: This week, did you buy anything from/with a salesperson? Or did you use self-service options like ordering over the internet? Last time you bought a car, did you shop on Sunday ,or shop at CarMax, or research and buy a car off the internet using Carvana (without even a test drive)?  

New Approach: Capture your independent “drive-buyer” prospects with NterNow. They can gain access to your locked spec homes to tour on their own, at their convenience, without interfacing with a salesperson yet the home is kept secure. With the ongoing followup, these early buyers can then be nurtured into a pipeline of buyers in 4-12 months.

Old Approach: Training the staff on what sales phrases to use, when to ask for the sale, where to stand when saying it, touring patterns, controlling conversation tactics, etc.

Consider: Does this build a relationship, or create an US versus THEM situation which is uncomfortable for both parties and stymies trust?

New Approach: Provide buyers with the latest interactive ,self-service sites and gadgets that let them dream about THEIR new home. Online services such as Envision and AR & VR help buyers see and explore on their own.

Old Approach: Does your email drip prospects all about your company, your homes, your specials, etc. to set yourself apart/above other builders? Yet your competition is really Used homes.

Consider: If buyers purchase new for the energy efficiency, superior products, no/low maintenance costs , where is that information showcased? According to Zillow, purchasers take 4.5 months start to finish in the purchase process with most of the time researching for what, why and how to buy.

New Approach: The more you can inform buyers of the advantages of New over Used homes, the more they will give your company high-marks for support and professionalism, and justify the price difference.

Use new techniques and technology to move away from many of these old habits. Here’s how:

  Self-Service Offerings What Self-Service Looks like in Home-buying Transformational Products to Help You Do This
  Self-service shopping Buyers can access and walk thru locked spec homes for self-guided tours Ø
  Self-service researching ·      24-hour Chat

·      Interactive Options programs where buyers build their dream home on a pad as they tour specs

·      Indepth info on the energy savings/walkability/products

Ø  Live Chat & Chatbots

Ø  Envision by


  Purchase online Buy-Now Button on builder website Ø  10 Day return guarantee (Due Diligence period)