Election-Year New Home Sales Alert– The Big Freeze is Coming!

Election-Year New Home Sales Alert– The Big Freeze is Coming!

If you were lucky to catch the amazing Meredith Oliver of Creating WOW presentations at IBS (International Builder’s Show) last month, you probably heard her prediction–  There’s a big sales freeze in store later this year.

Election Years Prove Challenging

Meredith based her prediction on the sales cycles she experienced in three previous election years – 2008, 2012 and 2016– Two Obamas and a Trump.  Although we generally see the sales cycle gradually taper starting in July, she said in those three election years she saw sales in August come to a screeching halt because of uncertainty.  The sales thaw didn’t resume until December/January, when time healed the disappointment of half the country.

Even renown Forrester Research predicts 2020 will be a “turbulent” year for business in part due to the uncertainty of the elections and trade woes.

If you aren’t sure about this, check your own data from those years.  If there’s a correlation,

TODAY consider:

    • Moving your sales goals and construction schedule as far forward as you can 
    • Look to spend most of your marketing budget before July
    • Sell today’s leads …  and bank on tomorrow’s.  Leads captured in May-July will need lots of nurturing and motivating thru the freeze
    • Use your most powerful marketing tactics early in the year
    • Put off launching new communities until 2021
    • Reach out to Meredith (meredith@creatingwow.com) who has her finger on the pulse.  She has the marketing strategy you should employ the next six months
    • Use every technology option that’s available to attract, capture and nurture leads now: Chatbots, live chat, video, NterNow (secure access for drive-buyer lead capture), white-labeled apps, VR, AR, website spiders, AI (predictable home buyers/sellers data), photoreal renderings, interactive floor plans, virtual tours, sales center parties and experiences, etc.

Perhaps You’ve Already Prepared

If so, you get five gold icicles and a cool pop! Preparation for the potential Big Freeze means you likely have integrated innovative tools like NterNow. So you know how to nab your unfair share of sales leads NOW with  NterNow’s new SecureLatch lock with its patented secure-access technology and lead capture success.


According to Zillow’s 2019 research, your Boomer leads will on average go under contract in 6 months and Millennials in 4.5 months.  Others will be in your frozen-over sales pipeline ready to convert in 2021.  You’ve done your best for the big chill ahead!

For more information about NterNow, contact barrett@nternow.com.