Access On-Demand

NterNow gives homebuyers on-demand access to your locked spec homes, even when no one is onsite. Prospects can tour your locked homes any daylight hour and their data is forwarded instantly to your agent. Energize your agents with 3-5x more leads than traditional collection methods.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking and follow up are easy with NterNow. Your agent can contact these captured leads while the prospect is still in the home and:

 Invite them to tour other models and subdivisions

 Send them useful resources about your homes

 Inform them of buyer bonuses and special events

Case Study: Improved Lead Collection

One NterNow Lock was placed on a closeout property for 3 months in the southern suburbs of Atlanta


Here are the Results:


NterNow resulted in a huge increase in potential buyers viewing the property.


The Most Secure Access System Available for Your Homes

New Code Needed Each Use:

 Daylight Use Only

 User’s Identity is Confirmed

 Auto locking in 15-20 seconds

 User’s Age is over 18

 Different Key for Each Lock

 User is in Proximity to Home

NterNow App

The NterNow App gives you the flexibility and independence you desire in your home search process.

 They want to do more than peer in windows of locked new homes – they want in!

 Over 20% of prospects drive through communities before or after traditional sales center hours.

 They drive-by homes on their timetable long before they contact an agent.

 They want to visit a sales center only when THEY are ready to make a decision or need advice.

More Facts

 A key is included for the convenience of the onsite agents, trades and management

 Each lock is shipped with 4 signs:

1.   A large lawn sign inviting “Why Wait? Tour Now!”
2.   A front door sign with instructions on how to gain access
3.   A sign to place on the inside of the door reminding visitors to close the door securely when they leave
4.   A small sticker to cover any unfinished spot on the door left when removing the thumb latch


 Prospects whose identities cannot be verified are encouraged to set appointments with the onsite sales or listing agent.

 NterNow collects the prospect’s name and number as well as:

If the prospect is shopping alone or with family
If they already have an agent
How they found the house
What features they are looking for in a new home

Prospects can gain access from 7 a.m. EST to dusk 365 days a year. Yes people shop for homes on holidays. Prospects who try to gain access other times are asked to return during daylight hours.