Lead Nurturing Steps

Lead Nurturing Steps

Mike Lyon of Do You Convert talked in the IBS* 2016 Master Session about lead nurturing and gave a step-by-step outline for online and NterNow type leads–

These leads may be 12 months out from buying and they have reached out to you during their research period via an Internet form, email, call or became a captured NterNowlead. Here’s his long term nurturing strategy:

5 mins Phone call
5 mins Personal email
Day 3 Video email
Day 4 Did you receive my video?
Day 5 Second call
Day 7 Informational email
Day 14 Invitation email
Day 21 Third call
Day 30 Email: am I doing something wrong? Please let me know how I can help you
After 30 days

– Newsletter monthly (don’t expect a response like a thank you but track click thrus.)
– For those who click thru, send additional info about what they looked at
– if looked at floor plans, email a new floor plan and restart at Day 4–did you receive my floor plan?

– If no click-thru, sometime during the month send a personal inquiry email and offer help

*The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is the largest annual light construction show in the world.