The Ultimate Self-Touring Experience

Downloading the NterNow App is Quick & Easy, and Provides Fast Access to Every Home on the Platform

  • On your mobile phone, open the Apple App or Google Play Store.
  • In the search bar, type in NterNow. Click GET to install the NterNow app.
  • At the site of an NterNow home, launch the app and to gain fast access to a private tour experience.
  • Click to discover the locations of other NterNow-enabled properties. You’ll gain access even faster next time!
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Self-Touring Made Simple & Secure

It’s easy for prospects to tour independently, on their own schedule!

Timing is everything, and the most engaging home tours happen when prospects are ready and motivated. Fortunately, with the right real estate engagement platform, it’s easier than ever to enable prospects to tour homes on their own.

Now you can increase traffic and engagement by enabling prospects to tour for-sale or single-family rental homes any day, at any daylight hour. Read on to learn how to gain insights about your prospects and grow your business without staffing up.

Engaging Prospects with NterNow:

Easy as 1-2-3!


Prospects find a home online that features NterNow, or see the distinctive orange sign in with self-touring instructions in front of the home. The door signs are kinda hard to miss!


At the front door of an NterNow home, prospects can call the number on the door sign, or download our app to verify their identity. They receive a one-time access code, and simply enter their code into the smart-lock to start the tour!


When the tour ends, prospects simply close the door to lock up when they leave. It’s that easy! In the mobile app, they can select other NterNow properties to visit to create their own home tours!

NterNow App

The NterNow App provides complete flexibility and independence
to support today’s tech-enabled home search.

  • Over 20% of prospects drive through communities before or after traditional sales center hours.
  • Prospects drive by homes for days or weeks before contacting an agent.
  • Independent prospects expect to connect with live assistance quickly when they are ready.

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