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Our patented On-Demand Access Service for locked vacant properties gives “drive-buyers” and tenants the convenience of instant, independent property touring, yet keeps the property secure. Your properties can be shown off even if your agents are busy with other customers or on their days off!

DIY Service

77% of property buyers shop online and then drive by the properties they are most interest in, long before calling an agent. That figure may be even higher for residential and commercial tenants.

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How many prospects can you expect NterNow to capture? For every ONE agent visiting, NterNow provides instant access to FOUR driving-by prospects you may not have captured otherwise.

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More than 44,000 visitors have toured NterNow’s secured but accessible properties ranging from starters to million-dollar homes and commercial properties.

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Improve Your Bottom Line

Capturing more unaccompanied prospects means more opportunities for one-agent contracts, pre-sales and better results from your marketing spend. And with your best agents easily covering more properties, you’ll have happier commissioned employees and a better bottom-line. Watch your sales and leasing results accelerate!

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