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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the NterNow Dashboard?

The NterNow dashboard is located at www.NterNow.com. The Log-In button is at the upper right. Access the Dashboard to find additional details about the prospect and their visit(s). In the Dashboard you can also adjust property touring hours, and generate reports.

What is my login and password?

Your login is your first.last name in lower case letters.  For instance, the login for George Washington is george.washington. Your password is assigned to you in your by NterNow Admin or your Program Manager. If you’ve forgotten yours, use the Reset Password button.

What hours does NterNow operate?

From 7 AM EST to dusk in your part of the US daily– including holidays.  Yes, buyers visit properties on holidays!

Is a home with NterNow secure?

Yes, NterNow’s patented lock and well-honed process keep the home secure despite being accessible to identity-verified homeshoppers. For details, check out Security Features.

Can I use an Agent Lockbox as well as NterNow?

There’s no need for an agent lockbox. Agents and buyers can both gain access using NterNow. NterNow tracks all visitor activity, prospects and agents, and sends it instantly to your cellphone and/or computer.  You can catch the prospect when they are in the home!

Can workpeople or inspectors use NterNow to gain access?

Yes. NterNow provides and tracks the access of workers, inspectors and your staff.  Alternatively, we provide a key with each lock to be used/copied at your discretion and placed in a contractor box.

What if the lock fails to open?

NterNow Lead Alerts with an NA-L will notify you of a lock issue or user error. Dial the Call Center to help you in troubleshooting, clearing the system, replacing the batteries, etc. The rep will advise if a new replacement lock is required.

What if I run out of vacant inventory?

Contact NterNow headquarters to review your contract and discuss your options.

Can I put an NterNow lock on our sales model?

Installing a NterNow lock on a decorated model or a home being used as an office is possible by signing a special indemnification agreement since our insurance does not cover contents.  Call 470-427-9790 to request the form.

What if it’s dark out when a buyer or agent wants to enter the home?

The NterNow system can be programmed to allow access after dusk, as long as you accept the liability and take safety precautions such as leaving the lights on. Contact Carey@NterNow.com to turn on this feature. Our normal access hours are sunrise to sunset in your property’s GEO location.

How many agents can receive texted or emailed New Visit Alerts?

The Program Manager and an unlimited number of staff can be set up to receive the leads.

What do the abbreviations mean after the last name in the New Visit Alert Texts?

Visitor Type

  • V: Visitor
  • AG: Agent
  • TC: Trade Contractor
  • CL: Staff Members/Co-Worker

Visitor Status

  • Accessed: Visitor accessed the home
  • NA–V: No Access – Visitor ID verification was not successful
  • NA–T: No Access – Visitor arrived after hours, restricted
  • NA–L: No Access – Visitor had an issue with the Lock 
  • NA–I:  No Access – Visitor wanted information only
  • NC: Accessed property but visitor requested No Contact

Who installs NterNow? Who fixes any lock issues?

Anyone with a screwdriver!  NterNow locks have been installed and fixed by agents, builders, marketing staffers, construction supervisors and even husbands.  With the installation instructions to guide you through with pictures and text, anyone can install an NterNow lock.  The Call Center must be reached (470-795-8389) to complete the installation and activate the lock. Installations are done on Monday-Friday only from  7 am to 6 pm EST.

I’m having issues with the NterNow Staff App. What should I do?

Not sure how to get started? Here’s a short video showing you how the Staff app works. For unexpected trouble, delete and reinstall the app in case you have an outdated version.  In addition, each page of the app has a Help button, which when punched immediately connects you to our Call Center live help.  Using the Staff Version of the mobile app provides quick access to any home and eliminates key hunting!

Partners & Integrations

We greatly recommend our Partners for their extensive knowledge, innovative expertise, and leadership in our new home construction industry. To create a powerful 2020’s customer journey and even more sales, add one of more of these terrific partners to NterNow.

Academy Mortgage

Academy Mortgage makes home ownership a reality for countless Americans. Academy Mortgage puts the family before the products or rates, to ensure that the families and communities it serves have a prosperous and sustainable homeownership experience.


Feel you need video security on an NterNow house? Add the Arlo line of sleek cameras, like the Arlo Q, or high-quality video doorbells. Arlo makes the most appealing, intelligent, and well-connected products on the market. If left on the home as an upgrade, they provide the new owners the safety and security they need to keep their home and loved ones safe.


BDX provides every digital marketing solution a home builder needs to connect with buyers and Realtors! Whether it is listing services, research services, dynamic advertisements, or social media, the potential buyer-to-builder connections are limitless. BDX offers a state-of-the-art virtual experience as well, allowing customers to digitally tour and design homes with the click of a button.


Provides expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services and more, in flexible packages that scale with your company’s success. You know where you want to go. We know how to get you there. Boom!

Dun Today

Dun Today is an after-sale solutions app that supports builders and their home warranty companies, home owners, and others which provides access to information about their home in real time. Buyers are able to track maintenance activities, administer warranty claims, digitally organize components of their home, and much more! And yes, this can make a meaningful contribution to your bottom-line!


This top-notch customizable CRM software for homebuilding boosts efficiency and lead conversion rates. Lasso makes it painless and simple to capture, nurture, and convert potential prospects into home buyers. https://www.lassocrm.com/

Novi Homes

NoviHome is a sales and marketing solutions company which offers three innovative apps that offer homebuyers digital walkthroughs of properties for shoppers, in-depth statistics crucial for the sales team, and a browsing station for buyers. This increases the efficiency of your sales agents and ensures a smoother customer journey.

Rendering House

Rendering House offers unique world-class virtual experiences tailored to home shoppers that allows shoppers to be directly involved in a multitude of ways including interactive designing, floorplans, and virtual tours.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM that helps more than 150,000 businesses unite sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT teams to work as one unit from anywhere.

SmartTouch Interactive

SmartTouch Interactive is an elite marketing company that has assisted builders, brokers, and developers maximize ROI. Their SmartTouch NexGen software captures, scores, manages, and nurtures leads for builders.

The Bokka Group

The Bokka Group, aptly calling themselves an “Experience Agency”, guides the housing market with excellent customer journey consulting assistance, technology solutions, and marketing services. Their customer-centric coaching and marketing creates raving fans while increasing lead conversion.


Wish to add your first OSC or to expand your team without adding headcount? Verse utilizes 2-way text and omnichannel capabilities, AI software, and sales reps all specifically focused on converting homebuyer leads. See why Verse calls themselves the leader in lead conversions.


Zapier connects, integrates, and automates all of your web apps without a lot of coding, making your daily tasks much more efficient.