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Use self-guided tours, remote access and smart home technology
to build a better rental community.

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Self Touring and Smart Access for
Your Entire Community

Driven by surging demand from renters seeking active lifestyles in a community atmosphere, the build-to-rent (BTR) market is booming.

That means prospective renters are driving through new rental communities right now to check out the homes and amenities. How will you connect with these in-market prospects?

NterNow, the same proven platform that provides the best self-touring experience for new home sales is available for BTR. Now you can make more connections while simplifying and streamlining the leasing and management of multiple single family rental properties. NterNow delivers a unified platform that utilizes the power of IoT-connected devices for remote management and smart access for your entire community.

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On-demand or Scheduled
Self Tours

NterNow enables rental prospects to take on-demand & scheduled property tours, even when no one is onsite. Prospects can tour your securely locked homes, using keyless entry, any daylight hour and their data is forwarded instantly to your rental agent staff.

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Enterprise Smart Home Management

Manage your entire single family rental portfolio from a single unified platform. Remotely leverage your smart-home devices to monitor each property more effectively. Provide access all from the comfort of your office.

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Boost lead volume and quality

Leasing agents on the NterNow platform not only increase volume, but also access insights into motivated prospects who have toured your rental properties. The platform enables leasing agents to effortlessly capture a verified phone number, email, and home address with a proven identity verification process. Valuable insights for more meaningful follow-up connections, and no more bogus lead information.

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Empower Your Sales Staff to Lease Faster

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to enable self-touring prospects to capture as many qualified rental prospects as possible. Self-touring enables leasing agents to optimize their time to focus on leasing – not juggling appointments and driving around the community to let someone in the door. The NterNow platform facilitates touring outside business hours and enables prospects to reach out and connect when they are ready to submit a rental application.

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Secure the Tour

NterNow Security for your properties and your visitors is built into the proven Nternow platform. Features include specialized locks that continually refresh unlock codes every minute—and work without wifi, ZWave or Bluetooth service. It’s easy to provide secure tours with built-in safety features including instant identity verification, via mobile device, including driver’s license and photo. When the tour is over, auto-locking occurs 15-20 seconds after the door is closed. The NterNow platform also prevents fraudulent transactions before they start.

Smart home rental management

Smart Management for Smart Home Rentals

Because rental homes are getting smarter, rental home management platforms must stay a step ahead. The ability to manage access devices across all homes in one app can be a huge timesaver for your community. The NterNow platform works with modern smart home systems (Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Zigbee), for additional connectivity including locks, lights, thermostats, alarms, and motion sensors. Other smart management features include:

  • Leak sensors and smart thermostats
  • Real-time alerts & tour notifications
  • Regional level settings
  • Mobile access to all homes via Bluetooth
  • Single Sign-On for seamless staff onboarding
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How NterNow Helps Increase Net Operating Income:


  • Operating costs
  • Vacancy Rates
  • Time to Rent
  • Staffing Requirements


  • Revenue
  • Operating Hours
  • Lead Quantity & Quality

Integrations & Partnerships

Our enterprise platform takes advantage of a SaaS delivery model to deliver continual updates and improvements to NterNow clients. NterNow has created secure integrations with the industry’s leading security and smart-home devices. NterNow also works with several property management systems and popular CRMs to ensure that your technology stack stays current and enables you to scale your system as your rental community grows.

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