NterNow’s self-tour platform: The Solution to Staffing Issues

NterNow’s self-tour platform: The Solution to Staffing Issues

As Marketing and Sales managers in the new home building industry, one of the challenges you face is staffing. Finding qualified salespeople who can be present at all times to give property showings can be difficult. This problem can lead to missed opportunities and may even become a bottleneck in the sales process. However, technology now provides solutions for optimizing access to homes and opportunities. One such solution is NterNow’s self-tour platform. In this post, we’ll identify how NterNow’s self-tour platform can help solve the problem of staffing issues for new home salespeople.

NterNow’s self-tour platform: The Solution to Staffing Issues
NterNow’s self-tour platform is an innovative and convenient solution that allows potential buyers to visit new construction properties without a sales agent. This solution empowers buyers to visit properties independently, assess properties in stride of their own pace, and increases lead conversion rates. Not only this, but this platform can minimize the need for hiring ad-hoc sales agents, reducing staffing problems.

The platform uses secure access management systems and Real-Time tracking to ensure privacy and safety for stakeholders visiting the property. By providing a hassle-free and flexible way to visit properties, NterNow can empower sales professionals and keep the sales process moving efficiently.
Let’s take a deep dive into how NterNow’s self tour platform can help solve staffing issues for new home salespeople.

Eliminating Staffing Constraints During Business Hours
One of the major issues new home builders face is staffing constraints. Hiring enough sales agents to cover every property can be a daunting task. This problem is compounded by the fact that sales agents operate within the constraints of traditional working hours. During off-hours or busy times scheduling can be inflexible or even non-existent.

NterNow solves this problem by providing a self-tour platform that allows potential buyers to tour properties at their convenience without the need for sales agents. This platform allows buyers to view the properties on their own time schedule which could be during the middle of the night or weekends. By allowing buyers to have flexible access, they can make informed decisions about the property, providing more qualified leads when staffing is not necessarily available.
Eliminating Staffing Constraints During the Sales Process

Another problem faced by new home builders is the staffing constraints during the sales process. Buyers taking a long time to make a decision can present issues for sales agents, causing delays in the sales process, which in turn can result in missed sales opportunities. The stress of missed opportunities can compound for sales agents, leaving to a sense of burnout or high turnover rates.

By allowing buyers to proceed with self-guided tours, NterNow can help facilitate the sales process. This enables a higher access rate to the property without being hampered by staffing issues. Buyers have the opportunity to take their time and deliberate over decisions independently, leaving them feeling more confident when it comes down to making an offer.

Improving Productivity for Sales Agents
For sales professionals, staffing constraints are often a double-edged sword. Sales agents are required to work long hours and may find themselves spread too thin with too many properties to cover. This stress may affect their productivity, resulting in missed opportunities or inadequate follow-up with clients, affecting customer satisfaction.

By eliminating the need for agents at specific points in the sales process, NterNow’s self-tour platform can help sales agents become more efficient. Sales agents are no longer required to be available at specific times outside the traditional nine to five. This frees them to focus on lead nurturing, lead conversion, and other core responsibilities.
Increasing Lead Conversion Rates

A major problem that results from staffing issues is missed opportunities that occur during the buying process, ultimately resulting in loss of potential leads. Buyers may be unable to schedule property visits, which may lead to missed opportunities or missed offers.

NterNow’s self-tour platform offers real-time access to properties, solving this problem by allowing buyers to visit properties at their convenience, without the need for a sales agent. Buyers can share their experience with neighbors or family, accelerating the speed of spreading the word of a new construction property.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Due to staffing problems and lack of flexible time scheduling, some buyers may feel rushed or overwhelmed during property visits. This can be a loss in customer satisfaction comprehension at any stage of the sales process. NterNow’s self-tour platform can help enhance customer satisfaction as it allows potential buyers to view properties in their own time without feeling rushed or pressured. This allows potential buyers to make more informed decisions with greater internal confidence.

NterNow’s self tour platform is an excellent solution that can solve staffing issues for new home builders. By eliminating the need for staff to be present all the time, the platform has the potential to increase productivity and sales efficiency for sales agents. NterNow’s self-tour platform can help maintain customer satisfaction through flexible access, enabling buyers to tour properties without feeling rushed, leading to more informed decisions.