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#6 Takeaway from BDX Summit

User exploring the digital web using an tablet.

BDX’s Tim Costello made so many great points about the fast pace of change in our digital world when on the stage at DCX. One which really struck home was that the digital world’s companies have turned the concept of profitability on its head. Uber is valued at 10x revenue but loses 40 cents on […]

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#5 Takeaway from BDX Summit

New home in lovely community.

Helpful data was presented by Peter Brumme of BDX and then embellishments added by NterNow: First, in real estate, why do we call a previously lived-in home a “Resale”? In the car world, a previously owned car is a not a Resale, it’s USED. Let’s focus on using the word that truly describes these homes—they […]

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#4 Takeaway from BDX Summit

Guest enjoying their meeting.

John Quintoni of The Ritz-Carlton billed his company as the leading hospitality company in the world. Surprisingly, this company with its exalted, traditional customer service values is only 34 years old. He bragged that they are the only brand who’s not afraid to say “We love our guests!” The company’s goal is to make raving […]

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#3 Takeaway from BDX Summit

Consumer data report on laptop.

BOKKA Group’s 2015-16 Homebuyer Conversion Report, which was handed out at the Summit, provides insights on homebuyer digital behaviors and how to enhance your website to be most effective. Here are some takeaways from the report— What sources most often drive viewers to homebuilder’s websites? Independent Listing Sites (Zillow,, etc.)  Offline Advertising (Print, radio, TV, […]

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#2 Takeaway from BDX Summit

Sorry we missed you when trying to deliver or pick up your package!

Welcome to the Age of ReThink Ever arrive home after a long day to see a yellow UPS slip stuck to your front door? Is your reaction “Awesome! I’m getting a package.” Or is it a total annoyance or even rage: “Why don’t they automatically try later?” “Why not deliver when most people are home […]

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1 of 10 Takeaways from BDX Summit

Tools to get the best data points.

DCX 2017 delivered on its billing – Transforming the Digital Customer Experience for home builders.  This future-thinking conference explored the impact of technology on homebuilding — everything from self-driving cars in a future shared-economy (garages would not be needed, just carports for pickup and drop off) to 3D printed homes with appealing architecture and functional […]

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Exclusive Event for Atlanta’s Realtors

Learn more about Traton’s newest communities and our vision for the future of new homebuilding in Atlanta. Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 6:30 – 8:30 PM Marietta Country Club the Magnolia room 1400 Marietta Country Club drive, Kennesaw, Georgia Click here for Traton’s Appreciation Invite  […]

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FRAME Atlanta

Construction workers in construction site.

If you missed the FRAME Atlanta meeting on Tuesday which explored the national, state and local economy and the discussion on the lack of skilled labor in homebuilding, here’s an overview of the discussion:  The expert panel included Carol Morgan of MRelevance, who talked about several needs she had heard of in our building community, […]

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NterNow at IBS 2017

We had a great turnout at 2017 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS). At Sales Central, visitors had a chance to see and test the latest in NterNow technology. They also had the opportunity to play NterNow’s own version of Plinko. Of the many prizes, you could win at the NterNow booth, the grand prize of the New […]

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Reasons Your Salespeople Aren’t Selling

Is your website capturing leads and information or is it just a passive brochure? Are you at a minimum using simple social media tactics such as friending customers on Facebook from day one? Do you have an outlined strategy of what salespeople should cover on a follow up call and do you practice with them […]

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