Month: January 2020

From IBS2020: Marketing Or Sales – Whose Job Is It Anyway?

“Are these two roles blurred in your homebuilding operation? “ Kimberly Mackey, Anya Chrisanthon and Quint Lears presented a terrific roundtable discussion about these two roles.  “And who’s job is it? “ Usually BOTH, with one being the leader and the other the collaborator.  Kimberly stressed that it’s best if the roles are not blurred but kept […]

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Why Clients Avoid Your Sales Center

You’re not to blame – Amazon is!  Buyers today are spoiled by the Amazon journey which:  Involves an order-taker/shopping cart, not a salesperson  Provides on-demand research, comparisons and decision-making  Shares testimonials, data and upselling options in one spot Again, without a salesperson’s involvement. Recognizing this, most industries are looking for ways to provide an alternative […]

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Secure Home Access

SAFE UNATTENDED ACCESS Does that sound like an oxymoron to you?  How can a builder provide the public unattended access to locked new spec homes yet still keep the homes secure?  Isn’t that asking for trouble? “Yes, back in the old days when you left your specs open all day to the public, theft and […]

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