Access Management For Your Homes with NterNow

Access Management For Your Homes with NterNow

As marketing and sales decision makers in the new home building industry, your goal is to make sure your properties are accessible to potential buyers and stakeholders in the easiest, most efficient way possible. However, ensuring access to new construction homes while maintaining security can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll explore how NterNow’s self tour platform is not just for showings but also for access management, supporting contractors, new home builder employees, appraisers as well as potential buyers, realtors, and new home sales professionals.

Access Management For Your Homes with NterNow

NterNow’s self tour platform is a flexible and convenient solution for access management to new construction homes. It makes accessibility a breeze for contractors, new home builder employees, appraisers, and other stakeholders. The platform’s keyless entry system allows stakeholders to enter a property simply by entering a code from their smartphone or a keypad, eliminating the need for a physical key exchange.

With NterNow, stakeholders can enter a property and perform necessary tasks without the need for a sales agent or designated contact present, This helps in increasing access times and improving productivity. Employees, contractors or appraisers can access a property outside business hours and during the weekends, without having to wait for someone else to be present. This eliminates the need and adds convenience to schedule appointments solely for the purpose of granting access.

Access Management for Contractors

Contractors in the home building industry require access to new construction homes to complete their job. They may need to install plumbing, install electrical systems or perform landscaping on the property. With NterNow’s self tour platform, contractors can access the properties they require with their smartphones, with the assurance of security systems in place.

Using an access management platform like NterNow can help builders eliminate the need to distribute keys, rekey locks, or hire security staff, leading to more security efficiency solutions that can save time and money.

Access Management for New Home Builder Employees

Access management is not just limited to outside contractors but also includes new home builder employees. These employees make frequent visits to the construction worksite checking for quality control, inspections, delivering materials or completing other tasks. NterNow’s self tour platform can provide secure access without interrupting work schedules. This helps to keep employees productive when they require access to properties on-demand, enhancing their productivity and ensuring greater job satisfaction.

Access Management for Appraisers

Appraisers assess a property’s value, and they need access to the property to take measurements and evaluate the home. With NterNow’s self tour platform, appraisers can access properties for evaluation without the need for specialized access arrangements. This means appraisers can set appointments around their schedule, leading to increased efficiency to the appraisal process, where the real estate appraisal and finance industries can benefit.

Access Management for Potential Buyers and Realtors

NterNow’s self tour platform is also an excellent solution for busy potential buyers and realtors who may find it challenging to schedule appointments during regular business hours. Potential buyers and realtors can visit properties on their own time, checking features like how the home flows and the lighting quality of rooms at the time they prefer without having to rearrange their schedules.

Self-touring with NterNow’s platform also allows buyers and realtors to access properties at their own rhythm, free from any unpredictable inclinations. They can start or revisit their progress as many times as they need to determine if the home suits their needs. This level of flexibility limits the role of “pushy” or “nagging” agents, which can put off an otherwise interested buyer.

Access Management for New Home Sales Professionals

Access management with NterNow can also provide new home sales professionals with better control over their sales process. Sales professionals can track the time buyers spend in the property dramatically, enhancing their productivity and lead conversion. Follow-ups with potential buyers become more relevant, as professionals can have insights into what features interest buyers the most.

Access Management Offers a Secure and Convenient Solution

Open house events and showings are traditional ways of presenting new construction homes to potential buyers. However, access management has become one of the most crucial aspects of presenting a new construction home. With increased productivity and flexibility comes the need for security, This is where NterNow’s self-tour platform stands out as a solution for access management to new construction homes.

In conclusion, NterNow’s self tour platform is not just for showings but is also for access management. It can help to streamline management for contractors, builders, appraisers, buyers, and sales professionals alike. Managers can increase productivity while stakeholders can complete tasks easily without having to make many plans. By upgrading security, minimizing downtime and enhancing sales engagement, utilizing a self-tour platform is one of the best strategies for current and new home builders.