Being SMART about BUYING Smart-Shopping Tech

Being SMART about BUYING Smart-Shopping Tech

Being SMART about BUYING Smart-Shopping Tech

Overwhelmed with all the options in the Smart Home technology world? Creating that one-size-fits-all plan for your homes is complicated, and fraught with ROI-killing options and unclear consumer demand for certain devices and features.

However, one smart-tech pathway has a high return on investment – adding technology that makes the homeshopping journey more consumer-friendly and convenient in our pandemic age.

While a Smart Home device plan may look like this:

A Smart Home SHOPPING Journey will offer a linear plan of services (instead of devices).  Tying these services end-to-end offers an independent customer journey in which prospects can choose agent interaction or independent shopping steps as they progress. By allowing shoppers control of their level of interaction, you’ll find them flipping back and forth between independent and agent dependent activities.  Although they start the process independently on the internet, they desire plenty of person-to-person interaction by closing!

Here are ten DIY shopping and purchasing services to consider adding in order to create options for those who desire a more independent shopping journey:



Offering alternatives in the new home shopping experience allows buyers to negotiate the process the way they want to, likely shifting back and forth between independent activity and interaction with your helpful sales staff.    

Allowing them to control their journey will generate the satisfaction today’s homebuyers desire.  And will help you efficiently close the transaction!

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