#3 Takeaway from BDX Summit

#3 Takeaway from BDX Summit

Consumer data report on laptop.

BOKKA Group’s 2015-16 Homebuyer Conversion Report, which was handed out at the Summit, provides insights on homebuyer digital behaviors and how to enhance your website to be most effective. Here are some takeaways from the report—

What sources most often drive viewers to homebuilder’s websites?

Independent Listing Sites (Zillow, Move.com, etc.) 
Offline Advertising (Print, radio, TV, etc.) 
Organic Search Results (Googling New Homes Builders) 
Lowest results: Banner Ads and Paid Search Results

What tools most influence buyers during their research phase?

Highest– Photo Galleries and Interactive Floorplans 
Lowest– Virtual Reality Tours and Videos

What items most influence buyers to provide their contact information?

Most influential– Tone of website (Millennials) and “We Don’t Share Your Info” statement (Boomers)

Buyers are most likely to register for email updates:

Most likely — For Plans, Pricing, and Promos 
Least likely– For Access to an Interactive Brochure

In scheduling an appointment with a builder, buyers are most likely to click on an:

Email Link
Phone Number
Thru a link on the directions page—be sure to put one there!

For a copy of the full Homebuyer Conversion Report, email me your address and I’ll mail one to you. Thank you to Jimmy Diffee, Co-Founder of the BOKKA Group for this leading-edge report!

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