Lead Collection in the Age of Social Distancing

Lead Collection in the Age of Social Distancing


Worried that your onsite agents may become ill from a sales center visitor?  And how the Covid-19 virus will impact your sales this year?  There’s no crystal ball for answers but technology can solve both issues!

Can Your Onsite Agents Work From Home?

If the health and safety of all your employees is your highest priority during this outbreak, you need to consider limiting face-to-germy-face interaction.  Services like Zoom and Join.me, plus a signing program like Docusign, can facilitate interactions between your at-home onsite agents and their at-home buyers– and get those contracts done!


What About Options Selection?

Online options selection services like Rendering House’s app or BDX’s Envision can make that process possible for your buyers to do in the comfort of their home.


But What About The Prospects Who Want To Tour The Sales Center Or A Spec Home In Your Community?

Builders using NterNow for buyer access are seeing leads pour into their funnel even in these uncertain times.  NterNow is the instant self-service access system which allows identity-verified buyers the chance to tour a locked new home on their own, yet your homes are kept secure.  Bored internet home shoppers are today hopping in their cars and driving by the homes they are most interested in.  After all, buyers have no Covid-19 concerns over a self-service system! 


Rough Year Ahead—Are You Ready for More Than COVID-19?

In one of her talks at IBS2020, esteemed Meredith Oliver, a glass-half-full person by nature, predicted residential construction will come to a screeching halt in August 2020.  Prescient COVID-19 fears?—No.  Given her experience in three previous election cycles, she predicts that buyers will sit on the sidelines for the last part of 2020 as in previous election years.  Whether buyers become uncertain about the future or unhappy with the result, she said buyers would not return to the market until January 2021. 

With the election and COVID-19 impacting business, the only solution is to collect as many leads NOW while the going is still good.  Focus on closing the quick ones and nurturing the long-term ones so you’ll be prepared to close a lot of sales once consumer confidence is restored.


Want More Lead Collection NOW?

NterNow can be ordered and installed in your communities in a week or less.  Just call 678-910-1811, request a free online demo or get more details NOW right here:

Distancing–NterNow is Answer

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