Marketing Manager/Director/VP – We Can Make You Look Great!

Marketing Manager/Director/VP – We Can Make You Look Great!

Magic Marketing Bullet


We all need a results-boost now and then.  Wishing for that magic marketing bullet that delivers more results at a great CPL?  As Spencer Powell of Builder Funnel said in his last blog,   The old way of marketing is broken.  The marketing that works is marketing that adds value to consumers.”

So what’s valuable to your new home buyer and yet is that magic results bullet?


NterNow provides these homeshopper benefits:

Home Shopping Convenience

According to Zillow, 75% of new home shoppers are employed and 44% have children.  They are time-stressed.   Technology that maximizes time convenience is highly desirable.  Today’s shoppers want instant information and access into your locked spec homes.


Buyer Anonymity and Sales Timidity

The internet, especially Amazon, has taught shoppers to shop without interfacing with a salesperson.  They now interact with a salesperson only when THEY are ready and on THEIR terms.  If a certain amount of anonymity is craved, why not provide it in the early stage of the shopping process?  NterNow users don’t mind trading their identity and contact information for the convenience, independence and respectful trust of self-service homeshopping.


The New Home Sensory Experience

Nothing beats walking through a new home.  The smell, the brightness, the newness.  It can’t be conveyed any other way.   In fact 95% of boomers and 56% of Millennials prefer real in-person home touring versus virtual touring that they can do in the comfort of their couch. 

And NterNow provides amazing results due to your smart marketing


Improved Lead Collection

Besides providing all these customer benefits, NterNow collects more leads than you’ve ever collected.  The rule of thumb is for every one buyer’s agent that shows a model or spec home to a buyer, you can collect 3-5 unaccompanied buyers traveling thru your communities.  Marketer, you need to get credit for them!  This summer, 35-40% of your drivebuyers will travel thru your communities before 11 or after 6—likely when no one is onsite.  Don’t miss them!


Accelerated Rate of Return

Adding drivebuyer lead collection to your activities drives a higher return on your marketing spend.  Imagine your carefully crafted marketing program capturing 100 more leads a month and that results in cost per lead that’s 10-20% lower!  And Capture + Nurture = Sales!


Drivebuyers Are Better Buyers than Online Shoppers

Drivebuyers are online shoppers who have decided to spend their valuable time driving thru selected communities.  Obviously something besides location (likely your marketing!) has attracted these drivebuyers to choose your community to drive thru and are more likely to buy there.  Compared to internet shoppers that cast a wide net, two-thirds of homebuyers in general (and drive-buyers especially) purchase a home in their initially preferred geographic location. Drivebuyers are valuable leads, even when they are early in their process and need months of nurturing. 


So if you’re used to high CPLs, consider adding NterNow to the mix and enjoy being the company hero!

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