The Heavyweight Fight This Spring is Between…

The Heavyweight Fight This Spring is Between…

You versus the Homebuyers driving thru your neighborhoods who are ignoring your Sales Center.


Round 1

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers- 

You decide while sitting in your Sales Center, “That’s it.  No more inventory take-ones in the street-side box.  Drive-buyers will HAVE to stop into the sales center to find out available inventory and prices.”

But buyers easily look up home prices and your finished inventory on their phones as they drive by.

Round 2

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers-

You shoot off twice as many emails to the clients who have shared their email with you over the last 6 weeks.

But this doesn’t seem to garner any immediate Sales Center traffic. 

Round 3

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers-

You track down some drive-buyers in an unlocked spec home around the corner, engage them in conversation, control the home tour, tell them all the quality features of the home, ask qualifying questions to determine if they are an ABC or D purchasers and wrap things up accordingly. 

Despite your invitation to stop at the sales center for a packet of information, they drive out of the neighborhood.   The email they gave you is not readable or valid. 

Round 4

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers-

You see an SUV turn into the community and cruise slowly past the finished homes and stop to peer in the windows of one of the locked available homes.  You stop them in the street as they are leaving the community and introduce yourself and give them your card.  They appear rushed so you don’t hold them.

You watch them leave without having gathered their contact info or having given them a sales tour.

Round 5

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers-

You now have no new leads from your day’s work so you decide to stand in the middle of the street and using those orange airline parking batons you motion all non-residents to pull into the Buyer Parking spaces due to “an emergency.”

Problem is, it starts to rain and so you decide to try it another day…

Round 6

You vs. Independent HomeBuyers-

But don’t give up!  Pick up the phone and call NterNow, the service that collects all these drive-buyers by allowing them to tour your locked spec homes on-demand, after their identity is fully verified.  And you get a text while they are still touring!

In a matter of days, you install the secure NterNow locks on your spec homes and sit back to nurture more leads than every before — and knock your sales goals OUT OF THE RING!

You . Are . THE . CHAMPION!!!!

To request a demo of the NterNow system and its security features, email or go here for an online demo