Why Clients Avoid Your Sales Center

Why Clients Avoid Your Sales Center

You’re not to blame – Amazon is! 

Buyers today are spoiled by the Amazon journey which:

  •  Involves an order-taker/shopping cart, not a salesperson
  •  Provides on-demand research, comparisons and decision-making
  •  Shares testimonials, data and upselling options in one spot

Again, without a salesperson’s involvement. Recognizing this, most industries are looking for ways to provide an alternative customer journey without a “sales” component.

Auto Dealer Sales Data Can Help Homebuilders

In homebuilding, we have a lack of industry-wide customer satisfaction data.  However, we can learn a lot from another industry that also has a salesperson component as part of their customer journey – auto dealer sales.  How strongly are customers avoiding interacting with salespeople? 

Here are some stats from the Beepi Consumer Automotive Index which tracks purchaser attitudes toward auto sales and sales sites: 

  • 52% of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships.
  • 56% of Millennials say they’d rather clean their homes and 34% stating that they would prefer to wait in line at the DMV. 
  • 24% of the 35-44 demographic stated they would rather get a root canal

This is the new reality in our home-selling world also.  Consumer behavior HAS CHANGED and it’s important to embrace the change rather than fight it.  Dealerships fought it which gave rise to CarMax and Carvana. 

How NterNow Serves the Evolving Consumer

Offering customer-desirable alternatives to the traditional customer journey is easy today with services like NterNow.

With NterNow, drive-buyers can tour your locked spec homes on their own.  The home remains secure yet accessible to homebuyers!  All the visitor’s data is texted and emailed to the sales agents in real time.

In touring homes with NterNow, home-shoppers are happy to be in control.  They may still want all the important data you want to share with them – or maybe not.  You won’t know until you share, share, share info with them via your drip campaigns and follow-up to make them YOUR buyer. Make them your customers!

Happier customer journeys mean more sales.  For more information about NterNow go here and sign up for a demo, or email Laura@NterNow.com.