Unattended Access – The Good, The Bad, The Future?

Unattended Access – The Good, The Bad, The Future?

A Very Good Question

As the year comes to an end, Holiday celebrations offer a chance to reflect on the year’s work. So we look back to one of our favorite encounters in the last quarter of the year.

A recent podcast by Kevin Oakley of Do You Convert asked this very important question:  “Unattended Access – what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s the Future looking like?”

Let’s Unpack It!

First, what “access” are we talking about?   During their customer journey, future homebuyers drive thru communities that most interest them.  These “drive-buyers” want access to tour your locked spec homes and we’ve all seen them try the locked front doors, the garage doors and maybe even the windows to gain access.

Unattended Access

“Unattended access” allows prospects to tour locked spec homes using a technological solution and does not require an agent to accompanying them.  It’s akin to shopping for a new car or clothing without a salesperson hovering. 

The Upside Beyond Security

Likely you’re thinking – “But what about security?  Strangers walking thru my homes could be disastrous!”  Yes, unattended access done poorly can cause problems such as “reducing homelessness” and insurance claims.  However, unattended access done correctly keeps the home secure thru electronic door locks with changing codes, customer identity verification services, geocoding, age verification, daylight-only use, prospect intelligence and more.  Homes stay secure with good security!

The upside is greater lead collection for the builder and a better customer journey for the drive-buyer.  Research done by NterNow, the leading Instant Home Access service in the industry, shows that offering access can add 3x-5x more leads in your funnel.  Your marketing manager can finally see the complete results of his/her marketing spend!

Drivebuyers Comments on Having Independent Access

Drivebuyers are often too sales-shy to stop at a Sales Center when they are early in their shopping journey.  They greatly benefit on-demand touring at their convenience and at their own pace.  From NterNow, here’s what independent buyers say:

  • “Where has this app been these last 5 years—Makes walk-throughs so simple.“
  • “Great app and concept.  Love being able to tour a house on my own schedule.  Thanks!”
  • “Such a great app. Went from house to house smoothly.  Saw a ton of properties today on my own time”


For more “unattended access” thoughts, listen to Episode 76 of Market Proof Marketing with Do You Convert’s Kevin Oakley.


As you close this short time with us on our blog, we hope your time with family, friends and colleagues finds you filled with peace. Most of all we hope your outlook on 2019 finds it a year of service and fulfilling your best potential. May these habits carry you into 2020 eager to innovate your service to your communities.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and continued wonderful Holiday Celebrations.